Geographical Information System (GIS): Understanding Data


GIS – Understanding Data to Reveal Relationships, Patterns and Trends

GIS or Geographic Information System is a very powerful information tool that allows you to visualize, question, analyse, interpret, and understand data in many ways that reveal relationships, patterns, and trends in the form of maps. Herbst Insight is one of the few mid-tier ERP/BMS software packages on the market that uses this feature.

With Herbst Insight and GIS integration, you can easily add geographical data about your customers and traders by geocoding their business address when creating their particular account. When integrated with a Business Management System/ERP it becomes a powerful tool, allowing users relate business information stored in their BMS/ERP databases with mapping software like Google Earth. The GIS module within Insight is easy to use and integrates completely with your real time data. This module keeps a record on the coordinates of your customers and traders. It can then be used to used for example to give you the 10 closest customers to another customer giving you delivery people quick actionable information. It can also be used to visualise previously sold products at a particular location as well seeing customers with outstanding orders with outstanding. In a nutshell, Herbst GIS tool allows you to picture your customers by location or area.

Here are it key features,

  • Easy to use and integrated with your real time data
  • Keep coordinates on customers and traders
  • Keep coordinates at document level (deliveries)
  • View the 10 closest customers to another customer
  • View previously sold product at a customer’s location
  • See customers with outstanding orders
  • Picture your customers by location or area
  • Comes with a range of standard reports
  • Comes with GIS/KLM report writer

This GIS feature can be found in Herbst Insight, a fully comprehensive and integrated Business Management Software solution. We have written extensively in our blogs about the impact it can make on your business. Herbst Insight ERP is a one-stop software system for all your business information requirements. For more information, or if you just have any questions, comments or queries, feel free to get in touch with our team today on Call us on 1800 911 000 or email us at

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