Getting Bespoke Software to Work for Your Business

Getting Bespoke Software to Work for Your Business

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Large companies often use bespoke software for crucial business functions, including managing inventory, content, form filling, and other similar tasks usually of the repetitive nature. Legacy software systems are in our experience, the most prevalent form of custom bespoke software found in companies today, with many being replaced by Off the Shelf solutions.

The problem with legacy systems is that many were developed to be either closed systems with little integration with other software.

I have spoken in other blogs about the misconception that bespoke software is cheaper than COTS (Commercial off the Shelf Solution).
The assumption is that when one buys a software product ‘off the shelf’, that it is immediately ready to go.
This is never the case.
There generally has to be as much customisation needed to get the bespoke alternative functional. This again leads onto to the after costs of paying for licenses for users and the level of service you can expect from COTS that has a wide user base.
Billing, order taking, and reporting are a few common uses of custom software used in SME’s. Custom software is used by small shops, supermarkets, and wholesale-sellers to handle stock-details and to generate bills. Manufacturing and construction companies are two of the main industries where custom development can have a huge impact. The manufacturing company for instance, may be using a piece of software attached to database that is isolated from the in house accounts/BMS/ERP package.
The need to connect these to disparate systems to get them to exchange relevant business information to the front of house could lead to a serious reduction in manual data entry and paperwork.
This is where custom software can have a huge impact in the streamlining of a once time consuming process. .
It’s an area where an COTS solution just can’t be found and it’s also a problem that the company doesn’t think can be solved. All it takes is some consultation with your software developer partner.

Do you know we can finance your bespoke software?

We have over 19 years’ experience in the field of software solutions and have led projects for large multinationals, SMEs, and public bodies.
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Stephen Hughes