External Phishing Support for Non-Client


Hybrid TP, a Managed IT Services Provider in Ireland, is renowned for its cutting-edge cyber security solutions and dedication to client data protection. Hybrid specialises in equipping organisations with the tools and knowledge to prevent digital fraud and phishing attempts.



We were contacted by a leading business solutions provider who faced a sophisticated phishing attack that resulted in a substantial financial loss. The attackers impersonated a legitimate legal firm and deceived the company into making erroneous payments. Despite security measures catching the suspicious emails, a lapse in protocol led to the emails being mistakenly released and acted upon.

Person giving private details to cyber criminal
Phishing attack in progress


Hybrid’s response was immediate and thorough:

  • Incident Analysis

A detailed investigation was conducted to understand the breach and pinpoint the vulnerabilities.

  • Educational Reinforcement

Hybrid emphasized the importance of adhering to security protocols and provided additional training to the company’s employees.

  • Security Enhancement

Recommendations were made to strengthen email security filters and quarantine procedures to prevent future incidents.

Technical Engineering providing support
Providing technical support


The outcomes of Hybrid’s intervention were crucial:

  • Financial Recovery

A significant portion of the funds was recovered through swift action and collaboration with financial institutions.

  • Policy Improvement

The incident led to a comprehensive review and enhancement of the company’s security policies and procedures.

  • Increased Vigilance

The company’s employees are now more vigilant, and the overall security posture was strengthened to guard against similar threats.

Cyber security enhanced on all devices
Cyber security on all devices

Even though Hybrid Technology Partners weren’t our supplier, they stepped in and took remedial action to help us recover funds during a very challenging period. This should serve as a warning to any medium-sized company: fully educate your staff, implement robust barriers to prevent such incidents, and regularly review policies and procedures.

Company CEO