DRaaS: A Manageable and Scalable Cloud Based Service

Data Loss and Recovery Impact

DRaaS – Cloud Based Service That is Easily Manageable, Scalable, and Cost Effective

The term DRaaS is a combination of the acronyms DR (disaster recovery) and SaaS (software as a service). DRaaS is an “always on” disaster recovery service that enables an organization’s mission-critical applications to run in case of some type of system failure. Companies of all sizes need to protect their IT systems and ensure application availability. 
Rather than use dedicated infrastructure and continually add data centre resources, organizations are moving to cloud-based services that can deliver this solution. With traditional DR, the DR site has to be in lockstep with the primary site. This means the server on the DR site has to have exactly the same configuration, BIOS, drivers, etc., as the physical server at the production site. With DRaaS, the differences between the primary and secondary site can be abstracted (via technologies like converged infrastructure) and so companies can be freed from the synchronization handcuffs. One great advantage of using this cloud service is the RTO (Return to Operation) time is reduced to hours even minutes. The graphic above gives an indication of the financial cost downtime can have on a business. In today’s highly competitive climate, companies can ill afford system outages that result in a loss of revenue or that drive customers to their competitors……can you!!

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