DRaaS – A Cloud Based Disaster Recovery Platform

DRaaS - A Cloud Based Business Continuity Platform

DRaaS – A Cloud Based Business Continuity Platform

Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) is a cloud based computing and backup service that replicates your existing applications and server infrastructure off-site in a datacentre. Disaster Recovery as a Service, is a category of cloud computing where cloud computing is used for the purpose of protecting an application or data from a natural or human disaster or service disruption at one location by enabling a full recovery in the cloud. It gives your organization a total solution for backing up your entire IT system in the event of a catastrophic systems failure.

“DRaaS can minimize or even completely eliminate the requirement for company capital in order to implement a DR solution”
Jerry Irvine, CIO, Prescient Solutions and member of the National Cyber Security Task Force.

Disaster Recovery as a Service works by replicating fully and backing up completely all your data and applications to the cloud whilst also serving as secondary infrastructure. It actually becomes the new environment and allows an organization and users to continue with daily business processes while the primary system undergoes repair. This cloud solution gives small to medium size business’s a Business Continuity Service that was once only available to larger companies and corporations and depending on the service provider a good DRaaS system can have you back up and operational in a matter of minutes.
Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery
The aim of DRaaS is to have your replicated infrastructure back up and operational as soon as possible. At Hybrid we provide a DRaaS service that has constant data protection service that maintains a full backup of your servers constantly. Our solution delivers a 4 hour Recovery Time Objective (RTO) and can provide a Recovery Point Objective (RPO) of 15 minutes depending on the quality of your internet connection. Recovery Time Objective (RTO) is the time span from when you first log an email/phone call to us that ends with the completion of the server recovery. Recovery Point Objective is the point in time a the recovery takes place from which in Hybrids case is an RPO of just 15 minutes.
So if you have business critical applications and servers and you want to take a proactive approach to your business continuity needs then feel free to call us on 061 211444 or 1800-911000 and we can discuss in detail the advantages of incorporating this technology into your overall business continuity plan.