Herbst: Do you have proper credit control for your business?

Herbst: Do you have proper credit control for your business?
Do you have a proper credit control system in place in your business or organisation?

If you sell your products and services on credit then its crucial that you have a systematic credit control process in place to ensure that you receive prompt payment. The consequences of not having tight control over your credit policy are obvious. Thankfully there are steps which can be taken to ensure your not left with any bad debts and that your are paid on time.

Herbst Insight is business management software that contains within in it integrated credit controls incorporated in all relevant procedures throughout the system and gives you an effective management tool that allows you control the risk. Some of the key features of Herbst Insights credit control features are,

  • Start credit control validations at the order stage.
  • Restrict the dispatch of goods on overdue accounts.
  • Extensive and flexible credit constraints on customers.
  • Charge interest on selected overdue accounts.
  • Keep a record of all correspondence.
  • Customer credit rating for a more meaningful aged analysis.
  • Direct SMS function.
  • Manage difficult accounts easily.
  • Credit pop-ups on overdue accounts.
  • Automated personalised debtor letter functionality.

Herbst: Do you have proper credit control for your business?
At Hybrid Technology Partners, as well as being VAR’s for Herbst Insight, we also use the credit control features of Insight to manage and control the credit of our clients. If you would like to talk further about the credit control features in Insight or the other features of this innovative business management software then feel free to contact us by phone at 061 211444 or 1800-911000 or email at info@hybridtp.ie

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