Tara Oil – Project Manage Office Move


Tara Oil are a Limerick based home heating oil distribution company, who service Limerick city and county, south Clare, and west Tipperary, from their depot on the Dock Road, in Limerick.


  • Client having difficulty planning office move
  • Lack of space in current location
  • Current phone system in need of upgrade
  • Liaison with third party providers required
  • Complete project/office move within time frame

Solution:  Project Manage office move

  • HTP were able to work closely with the client to project manage their office move, which included working evenings and weekends, around the clock, to ensure little or no downtime for the business of client. This was particularly important!
  • First phase: Gather requirements and floor plans
  • Second phase: liaise with electricians in relation to power requirements and network cabling
  • Third phase: manage migration of phone lines to SIP provider, including transfer of existing phone numbers
  • Fourth Phase: project plan the physical move. Including, but not limited to: troubleshoot issues arising out of the move, liaison with other third party providers eg. Cabinet installers, telecoms provider, broadband provider, to ensure smooth transition for client.


  • Solution delivered within budget and timeline
  • Business up and running straight away, ie. with power, phones, broadband etc
  • Peace of mind : Client happy with new location


“Tara Oil have engaged with Hybrid to help with all aspects of our recent office move. By removing any potential headaches, and dealing with existing ones, we were able to make our move within the time scale we wanted from the outset.

No issue was too small, and any time we called, the response time was impressive. The project was a great success and not only do we look forward to working with HTP in the future, we recommend them to our clients as well.”

John Downey, Financial Controller, Tara Oil