Advanced Technology Products


Advanced Technology Products is an Irish company distributor of cleanroom and ionising products to various industries throughout the country. The have been in existence for over 20 years and are based in Limerick


Hybrid were tasked with overtaking management and control of the company’s existing blade servers and rebuilding all their VM’s using Hyper V. The site as it stood contained several Virtual servers which need upgrading as most were running the soon to be defunct Windows server 2003 as well as one server running Exchange 2003. They also required a disaster recovery solution that allowed on-site replication of the server and well as snapshots to an off-site storage solution. The company also wanted to move from their exchange server platform to the latest Microsoft Exchange 2010.


  • Rebuild of the entire sites IT infrastructure.
  • Onsite replicated server.
  • Offsite snapshots.
  • Full rebuild of all VM’s on existing hardware using Windows Server 2012 R2 and Hyper V.
  • Onsite Migration of email to Microsoft Exchange 2010.


Advanced Technology Products now have a stable and reliable server infrastructure with a complete disaster recovery setup in place. Their migration of their email to the Microsoft Exchange’s 2010 mail server has brought to Advanced Technology Partners a secure and reliable mail service.