Business Management Software: Converting Data

Business Management Software – Converting, Importing, and Exporting Data

Herbst Insight - Data Configuration at your fingertips
An overview of Herbst Insight

When moving to a Business Management Software system, converting your existing bookkeeping software files is an integral objective of the migration project. This becomes light work with the help of Data Migration Wizard but if  there is an incompatibility issue with the files, then your migration project can really get bogged down.
The wizards are usually designed to be compatible with the current industry file format standards, for example, the Herbst Insight Data Migration Tool is designed to import/export information from and to MS Excel files, the most commonly used file format for accounting. With the Herbst Data migration tool, you can also import & export your customer and supplier details, bank & cash accounts, stock and nominal ledger accounts and balances. These powerful migration capabilities make Insight particularly suitable for those wishing to import data from or export data to any other external package. It’s features like these that speed up the process of migration, but, before you commit easier one but before you commit you should check if your file formats are compatible.
After your migration project has been completed and your BMS is fully operational, another feature you should look out for is the ability to import and export any data information with third parties. Herbst Insight, for example, can import/export various commonly used file formats to suit outside programs. The import & export format is fully customizable, in that you can change numbers, order, width & format settings for any column. Any report or document form can be exported to any industry standard format i.e. txt, bmp, pdf, doc, xls, etc. An EDI feature is also a hugely important if you are doing business with one of the large retail outlets.
I have written at length about the features of BMS and in particular Herbst Software’s Business Management Software, Insight. Insight can come stand-alone or part of an overall business management software package. This package can help you better manage every aspect of your company – from sales and customer relationships to financials and operations. We have written extensively about the impact it can make on your business in my blog. Herbst Insight ERP is a one-stop software system for all your business information requirements. For more information, or if you just have any questions, comments or queries, feel free to get in touch with our team today on 1800 911 000 or email us at

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