A POS that’s fully integrated with your Accounts and Stock

Herbst Insight: Point Of Sale

A Point of Sale that’s Fully integrated with your Accounts and Stock

For the past five years now, we have been VARs (value added resellers) for Herbst software’s innovative business management software, Insight. One of our businesses main area of focus is in delivering integrated technology solutions to vertical markets that streamline their business processes and deliver growth. Some of these verticals required specialised solutions for their B2B trade counter. This is where Herbsts point of sale software module became an integral part of our solution to them.

Herbst Insights touch screen Point of Sale offered these verticals a solution for their sales counter that fully integrated with their accounts and stock. It gave the sales counter a sales management tool that displayed real time information whilst simplifying the process of over the counter transactions. This simple integrated till system fine-tuned their trade counter.

Some of the key features of the Point of sale system are:

  • A Point of Sale System fully integrated with your stock ledger.
  • A robust credit control feature that checks the limits of account customers
  • A system that captures signatures and photos at the point of sale.
  • Real time updating the Profit & Loss ledger in the back office.
  • Support for special pricing and promotions for your customers.
  • Reduction of back office paperwork and administration.
  • Quick access to complete customer and product details.
  • Barcode and scanner support.
  • Handles batch number and product traceability.
  • Enforces delivery details for cash sales when required.

Herbst Insights Point of sales module is one of the strongest features of their innovative business management software. We here at Hybrid Technology Partners are resellers for Herbst Software ERP/BMS software, Insight. We also use the software in the day today running of our company. It has been indispensable as we have grown over the past few years. If you would like to find out more about how an integrated software solution like this Point of Sale system can help your business, then contact us here at Hybrid TP on 061-211444 or 1800-911 000.

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