Do you have an adequate backup solution in place?

Do you have an adequate backup solution in place?

Do you have a adequate backup solution in place?

One of the biggest problems we’ve encountered when taking on new clients is that after a careful review of their entire IT infrastructure, one of the glaring faults that stood out was the lack of an adequate backup solution. This left the company’s business and client’s data exposed in the case of a systems failure or natural disaster.

The primary objective of having a backup solution in place is to avoid and mitigate the consequences of the failure of your IT systems so that in the case of disaster striking, you have the ability to get your IT systems back up and operational in the quickest time. For most small to medium size businesses this involves having your server and databases backed up to at least three locations with one of these being offsite. It’s crucial from a business point of view that you have some form of protection for your digital assets as your reputation may depend on it if disaster strikes.
The best course of action to see if you have a resilient backup solution in place is to ask yourself these important questions,

  1. Where are your backups being sent to? Do you have a NAS drive or cloud back service?
  2. Are you backing up everything that needs to be backed up? If your systems crashes do you have the ability to restore to a point in time where your systems functioned normally?
  3. In the event of fire or natural disaster do you have an offsite backup and does this backup contain all the information needed to get you back up and running?
  4. If you’re running multiple programs on you server are these ran in a virtual environment and is your backups configured to take a snapshot of its current state to allow for a quick restore?
  5. Are you backups regularly checked to ensure their working correctly?
  6. Is your data backed up in at least three separate locations with one being offsite?

At Hybrid Technology Partners we’ve implemented backup solutions and disaster recovery solutions for clients and organisations of all types and sizes. If you’re looking to find out more about getting the best backup and disaster recovery solution for your company then contact us at or call us on 061 211444 or 1800-911000