10 Reasons to choose Soonr over Microsoft OneDrive!


If you are using Microsoft One Drive for file storage and collaboration then maybe you might want to think about some of these points.

10 Reasons Microsoft OneDrive is Not for Your Business and Soonr is !!

  1. If you have any Macs, OneDrive for Business simply won’t work!
  2. The Android application has no sync functionality – you can only upload or download documents.
  3. Sync does not support any file server OS platforms. You must use SharePoint on
  4. For the Mac version, you can’t sync libraries from SharePoint Online team sites.
  5. The application supports sync only from your ODFB personal library.
  6. “Unlimited Storage” isn’t truly unlimited. You’re maxed out at 20,000 files from your personal storage, and 5,000 files from your team storage.
  7. OneDrive has a sync file size limitation of 2 GB.
  8. Mobile app is very consumer-oriented, with views for “All Photos” and “albums.”
  9. Integrates with Facebook and third-party password managers – all potential security holes.
  10. Sync from the team site supports only 5,000 folders and files. Sync from your personal ODFB library supports only 20,000 folders and files.

Soonr is the leading provider of secure online file sharing and collaboration services to more than 150,000 paying businesses worldwide. Soonr Workplace enhances productivity by empowering mobile individuals, teams and organizations to do business faster from any device anywhere. Soonr Workplace is flexible and open, designed for the specific needs of IT departments in larger companies where control and management of cloud services is critical to business operations. With policy-based control of content, seats and devices, providing secure access for employees and partners to work together on Projects with the proper controls is a top priority.
Soonr is a service we have implemented with some of our clients with great success. Soonr is available from us at Hybrid TP. If you would like to arrange for a free trial and demo of this unique software the contact us at 061-211444 or 1800-911 000