10 Reasons to Choose Soonr Enterprise for Your Business

Google Drive vs Soonr

10 Reasons Google Drive is Not for Your Business and Soonr Enterprise is!

  • Google scans the contents of your documents when you upload them.
  • Google has access and ownership rights to all content stored on their systems.
  • You cannot restrict file storage to the datacentre of your choice. With Soonr, you can.
  • Google Drive cannot password protect the app on tablets and smartphones.
  • Downloading a file to a mobile device with Google Drive stops it from being updated, even if changes are made after the download. Files can get out of sync even if you make changes to them.
  • The Manage Revisions feature was dropped from the latest version of Google Drive. Version control is now the responsibility of your users
  • Google Drive can’t time expire shared links or users – you have to use utilities to find users still in the system and delete manually
  • There are no file locking or check in/out features built into Google Drive.
  • You cannot capture signatures or make Scribble-like comments directly on docs.
  • Forces you to use Google Apps in your business

Soonr is a service we have implemented with some of our clients with great success. Soonr is available from us at Hybrid TP. If you would like to arrange for a free trial and demo of this unique software the contact us at 061-211444 or 1800-911000