Herbst Time and Attendance



Herbst Attendance is a fully integrated software solution for recording the attendance of employees and the calculation of their wages. It is designed to save your company many hours of manual labour in tracking, accumulating, and summarizing your employees’ attendance. The programme is extremely flexible, allowing you to define your own rules for tracking and registering employee presences and absences.

It has been designed to be used by any company where there is a need for a more secure and reliable alternative to the traditional clocking system. At its simplest, Herbst Attendance is a Full Electronic Clocking In/Out System which automatically integrates with HRM Payroll software, eliminating the most time consuming of all tasks – accumulating and inputting hours and times.

Some of its key features are,

  • Attendance Management
  • Records Employees Clockings In/Out
  • Monitors Absences & Presences
  • Job-Costing
  • Creates Safety Statements
  • Accident Log
  • Live up-to-the-minute Data
  • Set up Activities, Shifts, and Shift Plans
  • Full User Rights Control & Security Log
  • Full Reporting Facility
  • Electronic Clock Card System

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July 20th, 2015 Stephen Hughes